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Japanese Green Tea & Matcha Tea - Maruyama's Story

… Since its inception the rich natural and mild climate. Yakuji Maruyama Tsuyomatsu, the founder of Maruyama Japanese Tea, had been practicing Japanese Tea making in a company called “KYOYEKI-SHA” before developing a tea industry by themselves. Tsujimatsu also inherited its teachings, and eventually led to the establishment of “Maruyama Tea” in 1933. On that occasion, many years of effort and talent for Tea were highly appreciated. 

For years Maruyama Tea have dedicated ourselves to creating a cupful of tradition and innovation. Over time Maruyama experience and knowledge means Maruyama Tea grow and blend the finest of Japanese Green Teas & Matcha Tea. 

Maruyama japanese green Tea & Matcha Tea is unique, that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in Green tea, it is also a part of a philosophy that goes beyond commerce in seeing business as a matter of human service. Maruyama cooperated with local farmers to spread “deep steamed Sencha”, and now Kakegawa steamed Sencha has grown to become a nationwide Japanese Green Tea brand. The craftsmanship that has been cultivated to create delicious Tea and the hard handedness that always looks ahead of the times and acts boldly. Maruyama tea pursues these two contradictory factors at the same time and provides Japanese traditional culture called tea in a form suitable for the era “now”.

Maruyama Tea History

– Our services run deep and are backed by over 100 years of experience.

Company Overview
1933Founded in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan
1958Established as "Maruyama Tea Products Corporation"
1996Established a new office, storage facility, -25 degree refrigerator
2003Started overseas business
2006Awarded organic manufacturer certification by OCIA Japan
2008Awarded Organic Food Re-Packer certification by OCIA Japan
2009Opened the Japanese Tea specialty shop and Tea room "Kimikura"
2010Awarded USDA/NOP certification by OCIA International
2011Awarded Quality Management Systems ISO-22000 certification
2016Awarded KOSHER certification
2017Awarded FSSC 22000 certification


– Katsuhisa Maruyama

" We will continue to serve as a bridge between production farmers and consumers"

There are various opinions about the origin of tea in the world. The manufacturing method of “steamed green tea (Sencha · Matcha)” was invented in Japan, and since the earlier efforts, various facts and technical innovations have been reached and there is no doubt the fact.

I think that the manufacturing method of “steamed green tea”, which is difficult to produce, has been handed down cheaply from gifts of aesthetic sense and inquiring mind like Japanese people.

Our mission is to communicate the value of this wonderful beverage to the world, and it is a magnificent pleasure as a business operator to provide health promotion and peace of mind by doing so.


" We will continue to serve as a bridge between production farmers and consumers "

................ Is Our Mission

Our Vision...

For our Consumers

"We will do our utmost with gratitude to gain trust by Providing safe and valuable products" 

For our Community

"We will make every effort to become a company that is tired to our community and region" 

At the Company

"We have strong professionalism and we do anything and everything to make every effort with pride" 

For our Employees

"We will make every effort to grow each one of them professionally"