Maruyama Farm almost Ready for the….

Maruyama is not only a manufacturer also a proud producer with well maintained tea garden.  Japan currently has the largest production and consumption of dessert strawberries in the world. Their color and shape are truly outstanding and they are available almost anytime throughout the year. Strawberry farms throughout Japan offer strawberry […]

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Tombo & Maruyama

TOMBO, LONDON announced about their partnership with Maruyama Tea Products corporation, Japan.  ” Since 2014 we partnered up with leading Japanese tea estate Maruyama (means round mountain in Japanese). Our partnership formed from a passion to promote high quality genuine Japanese green teas abroad and dispel the common myth of green […]

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Matcha is Taking the World by Storm

Matcha tea is available in powdered, vibrant, green colored form, and is produced majorly in Japan from shade grown premium-quality tea leaves. It was majorly consumed by Buddhist monks, samurai warriors, and Japanese population. Excellent health benefits of the product have fueled its popularity across the globe. According to the […]

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