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  • Tea Awards |Maruyama Organic Matcha & Japanese Green Tea products & services run deep and are backed by years of experience !!!



Maruyama’s has achieved its status of Food safety system certification 22000, including ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-1 and Additional FSSC 22000 For packing of raw material for Tea. As a Japanese green tea producer, manufacturer, blender and packer of quality Japanese organic green teas in bulk and as well as in consumer packs from certified Organic tea plantations only. These certificates are indications of the quality standards that Maruyama’s has achieved through its single-minded commitment and dedication.


Maruyama Tea Products Corp., also proudly certified by JAS/ OCIA, JAPAN, which approve equivalence in Europe Union (EU), USA and Canada.

This is given only to the manufacturer who complies with the standard established as the Japanese Agricultural Standard. Maruyama certified JAS/OCIA including with

  • Processed Food Production Process – Organic Matcha, Organic Sencha, Organic Gyokuro, Organic Houjicha and all other organic processed Green Tea Products.
  • Repacker of Processed Food – Organic Matcha, Organic Sencha, Organic Gyokuro, Organic Houjicha and all other organic processed Green Tea Products.


Maruyama’s also certified with USDA (NOP).


Not only that, Maruyama was already following OU -Kosher stringent as our organic Matcha, organic sencha, organic bancha, Organic Houjicha and all the Japanese Green tea products are certified via OU-Kosher.

The word kosher means proper or acceptable, Maruyama Tea products are Kosher. Maruyama Tea products contains neither dairy nor meat, nor any dairy or meat derivatives.

In Kosher Lexicon, such a product is called ‘Pareve’ or sometime ‘Parve’

Pareve foods may be eaten with milk or with meat. Pareve foods may be re-cooked in any Kosher equipment be it meat or be it dairy.


  • Our Tea masters in our blending team (Chashi), has been awarded Tea Awards, GOLD of Japanese green tea roasting and blending competition. We also promote to pass the knowledge and skill to younger generation.



What is Chashi?

Green tea roasting also blending.
Ara-cha from farmers still not final product, and contains irregular shape and size, and has moisture. So, the roasting and blending company like Maruyama proceed and finish to final product from Ara-cha. By process of sieving, roasting and blending, Chashi (professional Japanese green tea blender) enhance and control character of green tea for each final product, level, and brand taste. It all rely on technique and sense of Chashi. And many other awards as MONDE SELECTION.

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You can simply download the important certificates of Maruyama Tea Products Corporation