October 11, 2017

Maruyama Farm almost Ready for the….

Maruyama is not only a manufacturer also a proud producer with well maintained tea garden. 

Japan currently has the largest production and consumption of dessert strawberries in the world. Their color and shape are truly outstanding and they are available almost anytime throughout the year. Strawberry farms throughout Japan offer strawberry picking during this season, and it is wonderful to taste them right off the vine. japan national tourism organization mentioned that, For an admission fee of around 1,500 yen per adult, you can eat as many as you like within a limited time.Japanese strawberry flavor spreading inside your mouth as you bite into the fruit is marvelous. They are sometimes eaten with sugar, milk or yogurt, but these days, most strawberries are sweet enough to just wash and eat.

Maruyama farm almost ready for the coming japan strawberry season.

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